Destination for Outreach Sleep Medicine

Our commitment is to make your hospital the “go to” for sleep lab testing services and treatment while simultaneously easing the burden on your staff. We bring advanced technology to rural communities allowing your facility the same sleep study services and care as large urban hospitals. Our Outreach midwest sleep service area extends through South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Turn Key Outreach Sleep Operation

Managing sleep centers and studies can be expensive, risky and stressful. We take each one of those issues out of the equation. Imagine being able to manage your sleep lab and study, without worrying about profitability, recurring costs, staff training and software upgrades.

Most rural sleep centers and studies concerns revolve around staff turnover, hardware and software costs, marketing deficiencies and technical issues; leaving patients with long wait times.

These are details that can derail the whole operation:

  • Who will score the collected sleep studies?
  • Who will answer questions in the daytime?
  • Who will send studies to other physician’s offices?
  • Who will call reminders to patients?
  • Who will maintain the professional standards and national accreditation?
  • Who will help with branding and marketing?

With our Outreach Sleep Program, we specialize in making all those worries go away. When you chose to work with us we take care of all aspects, with stable staff pool of experienced and nationally registered sleep study technicians right here in South Dakota. All you have to do is order the study and interpret it. We take care of the rest, and maintain national standards. Start making a difference in sleep disorders today!

What makes us better?

Caring for sleep patients requires a continuum of efforts and expertise. Our experience over the past decade of work in the sleep medicine field, gave us a wider perspective, helping you provide the best care possible. Some of the services we offer go beyond sleep studies in South Dakota and what you can find elsewhere:

  1. Guaranteed profitability When you chose to work with us we guarantee the success of your operations. This will translate into cost savings. Your sleep center cannot lose money on operations regardless of seasonal changes or turn around. You pay when the study is performed, without idling g of staff or expensive equipment. Your margin of profitability will be more reliable.
  2. Technical solutions Our computer servers, information technology expertise are second to none. This will allow your staff and physicians access to the data and records from anywhere and anytime they wish. HIPAA standards, technical failures and repair are covered and updated continuously.
  3. Accreditation We have participated in multiple AASM accreditation procedures, managed sleep center inspections, and Medicare certifications. Those lengthy processes can be a drag on you and your staff. You can take advantage of our experience in the field, avoiding pitfalls that can slow your process.
  4. Turn over This is one of our strength that is still unmatched in the field. When the patient leaves the center, his or her study will be at your desktop ready for interpretation. No paper printing or CD transfers, and no mailing for scoring or interpretation.
  5. Record keeping Online record keeping of studies and documents frees up your computer and office space as well as maintain HIPAA confidentiality. We offer free storage of your data, to satisfy government and health system requirements.

Future changes

Sleep medicine is coming on a sea of change, including insurance reimbursements, technical solutions, doctor and staff technical sleep training. When you chose to work with us, you can be on the forefront of those changes, ready to adapt to the new climate with minimal risks.