There are many aspects involved in parenting, and bedtime is one of the pieces included. Many parents’ especially new ones find it difficult to get their kids to sleep. Every kid is different, and they have a unique sleeping pattern. Whether you have a non-sleeper, early riser, or frequent waker, sleep will always be an issue to parents. It is vital that babies get the right amount of sleep for their brain and body development. Enough sleep to children also improves learning, memory, reduce anxiety and reduce such illness like obesity. Unfortunately, factors like early school starts, the increasing amount of homework, technological distractions like tablets, TV, phones, and others make it difficult for kids to have enough sleep. Therefore, it is crucial for a parent to find a way to soothe their kids to sleep and also make sure the child get a substantial amount of sleep. This article brings to you various way by which you can make your toddler fall asleep faster. Different types of toys, pets, and products that assist in making babies fall asleep are also elaborated.

Children are fascinated by different products and toys, and every parent should know the best products to use in helping their kids get a good night sleep. Some of these products include:

Baby Shusher

Among the soothing devices produced, baby shusher is ranked among the best. This small easy to clean device works best for kids with all ages including the newborns. The device work by producing a calming shushing sound as soon as the baby starts to cry. It is easy to use since it has a 15 or 30 minutes timer which controls it. Besides, the gadget is small and easy to clean making it easier to carry everywhere you go.

Baby sleepsuit

As babies begin the transition from swaddling, sleepsuits are very helpful in bringing the need to feel secure with the use of reflexes. Baby sleepsuits are specially designed for baby to remain cozy and safe, along with providing the freedom to move without startling awake. These sleepsuits are best suited for toddlers between the age of 3-6 months. Also, baby sleepsuit is made of high-quality cotton which ensures the baby does not get overly warm or too cold.

Badger Sleep Balm

Badger balm is a natural sleep balm specially designed to help children of all age to fall asleep faster. It is a blend of essential oils that are meant to calm and soothe your child as soon as they inhale the scent. The badger sleep balm is composed of rosemary, bergamot, balsam fir, and lavender, therefore, making it natural. Application of this natural balm requires a parent to rub it on the child’s lips, chest or temples.

Gentle Giraffe

For a long time, the Gentle giraffe toy has existed, and it is used to help kids achieve a good night’s sleep. The toy is made of soft materials thus allowing toddlers and children to snuggle with as they enjoy built-in-lullabies. The toy also has a velcro that parent can strap on the crib to ensure the kid’s safety.

Gro-anywhere blackout blind

Gro blind a perfect sleeping bag that guarantees that kids have a better good night’s sleep. All human are designed to sleep better in total darkness; hence the bag is made of quality-black-out material. It is easy to put up and adjust, and therefore it works to children of all ages. Also, the sleeping bag is light making it easy to carry as you travel.

Huggaroo weighted blankets/Comfortable crib mattress

baby crib and blanket

In many occasions, kids wake up in the middle of the night due to excessive tossing and turning. Huggaroo is a blanket specially designed for children weighing between 40-80 pounds. Huggaroo stifles reflexive movements aid in lowering the child’s anxiety, help to improve mood and relaxation. For this reason, the blanket is mostly a favorite sleep aid to children with autism and sensory processing disorder.

Some young parents don’t realize the importance of a high-quality crib mattress. It should be made from organic material neither too big nor too small, according to experts from,  Some of the most commonly used natural materials and fibers to make certified-organic mattresses are Untreated wool, Organic cotton, Natural latex, Coconut Fiber.

Indigo Dreams

Bedtime stories are a good way for luring kids to fall asleep faster. Indigo Dreams is a story series which help kids under the age of 8 to fall asleep quickly. The set is compiled in several CDs, each totaling one hour running time and each consists of 5 bedtime stories. Each story is told in a relaxing manner with a volume that decreases progressively over time to help soothe the young ones. In terms of health benefits, the series helps children in relaxation, anxiety and stress management.

Little Aurelia sleep time cream

Little Aurelia is a sleep time top to toe cream that brings comfort and relaxation to kids. It is an organic cream which consists of different oils, and it is ideal for dry skin. The cream is suited to children of all ages, and its application is simple.

Lulla Doll sleep companion

Lulla is unique children sleeping doll that help babies and toddlers fall asleep faster. The doll mimics real-life breathing and heartbeats to encourage relaxation and closeness thus assisting the kids in sleeping longer.

Night light Handheld sleep lamp

A more significant percentage of children sleep best when the environment is completely dark. However, some kids still fear darkness and find trouble falling asleep in the dark. A handheld sleep light is an excellent alternative to the traditional night light. The lamp provides a warm orange glow that is easy on the child’s eye.

Moreover, its small size allows the young ones to hold it comfortably. The lamp has a timer which progressively darkens in 30 minutes. To ensure its durability, the night light is made of toy-grade plastics which are not easily broken.

OK to Wake sleeping pet

baby sleep with pillow pet

If your toddler tends to wake early before the rest of the family, Ok to Wake Owl is a perfect sleeping pet to use. The owl toy has ideal size for little hands, and it is comfortable enough for toddlers to cuddle with at night. The toy is intended for kids with three years and above. The gadget has a timer that signals the child to either sleep or wakeup. Besides, its eyes glow either green or orange signaling time to rise or sleep respectively. The owl toy also plays six soothing lullabies to send the child back to sleep when the orange light glow.

Sleep time extra tea

If your child is old enough to enjoy a cup of tea, sleep time special tea will work magic is helping them to relax into a good night’s sleep. Sleep time is composed of natural potent herb valerian which promotes relaxation and comfort. Besides, the tea is caffeine and gluten free and contains no artificial flavors.

The Zipadee-Zip sleeping suit

The sleeping suit is specially made for toddlers having a swaddling transition. The suit acts as a wearable blanket that keeps the baby comfortable while allowing them to move without waking. Also, the suit can be used by kids with age between three months and three years.

Zoe the Penguin music box

This music box is made to help newborn babies, and toddlers fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The toy is equipped with many pre-set lullabies, a heartbeat sound, white noise, and a natural sound that lure babies to sleep. Also, the music box has a sensor that automatically turns on when the baby begins to wake. For older kids, the toy’s two brightness settings act a source of night light.

SleeperHero toy

SleeperHero is a unique toy with interactive capabilities that include a plush superhero and his corresponding storybook. The 32 pages illustrated book is well fitted to young children with age between 3-6 years. Also, the book is a perfect way to expose toddlers to the importance of a good night’s sleep. Similar to other pillow pets, it has a timer that controls sleep-time and wake-time.

Baby sleep pillow spray

This pillow spray is made from natural lavender and other natural products, and it helps little ones to relax and fall asleep faster. Baby pillow spray has no side effects on skin, and it is suitable for little one fo three months old.

Other ways to get baby to sleep

Although there are numerous pillow pets, sleeping suits, natural creams oils and special tea which greatly sooth babies to fast asleep faster, some parent still opt to use other ways. Developing and maintain a sleeping routine for your child is essential to help him fall asleep more quickly.

Addressing any bedtime fear is a vital thing that every parent should do. A simple change in bedtime circumstance can make a child have difficulties in falling asleep. Besides the change in circumstances, a child’s daily activities also affect when sleeping. Overstimulating activities and other physical activities often make sleeping a challenge to kids.

To sum up, it is the role of every parent to ensure that children fall asleep faster and they stay asleep throughout the night. Therefore, they have to learn the various way on how to put their babies to sleep. As pointed out in this article, there are lots of ways to soothe babies and young children. Luckily, the majority of the pillow pets, music boxes, sleeping suits among other products are available in online shops and websites.